Scabies is a contagious infection caused by a tiny mite that burrows under the skin. The mite lays eggs and when these eggs hatch, the resulting offspring rise to the surface of the skin. The intense itching caused by scabies is due to a reaction within the skin to the feces of the mite.

The Tagalog word kurikong is currently a generic term for scabby lesions on the skin, even those not technically scabies. It is frequently used to disparagingly refer to imperfections on a woman’s skin, but the word has also been used to describe unsightly discoloration in fruit peels.

to be afflicted with scabies

Kurikong is the term used by farmers for the black splotches caused by the cecid fly on mango fruit. It’s a big agricultural problem in the Philippines, where mangoes are a big export product and have to look blemish-free to compete in the international market. A solution proposed by the government is to bag the fruit while still on the the tree.

kurikong sa balat
lesions on the skin

kurikong sa balat ng mangga
lesions on mango skin