ap-ap: parang puting pekas sa balat

ap-ap: like white splotches on the skin

Another term for it in Tagalog is an-an.

These are white fungal spots. Most cases of ap-ap are what’s called by the medical term Tinea versicolor in English.

Tinea versicolor is caused by an overgrowth of yeast on the skin. It most often affects teens and young adults. The condition isn’t contagious.

Symptoms include patches of skin that are lighter or darker than the surrounding skin, often on the trunk and shoulders.

Treatments such as antifungal creams, lotions, or shampoos are usually effective. However, skin discoloration may last for weeks to months.

To treat this, many Filipinos will turn to using an over-the-counter ap-ap solution such as the Rhea brand made by PHILUSA.

Other related terms:

Tinea corposis (buni) – fungal infection of the trunk, arms, legs, face
Tinea Curis (had-had) – fungal infection of the groin area
Tinea Pedis (alipunga) – fungal infection of the feet