Speaking to Older People

Remember to use po and the third-person plural form when talking to someone much older than you.

Compare the following sentences:

Ewan ko.
I don’t know. (casual)

Ewan ko po.
I don’t know. (respectful)

Salamat sa tulong mo.
Thank you for your help. (casual)

Salamat po sa tulong ninyo.
Thanks to your help. (respectful)

Take note of the following exception:

Yes. (casual)

Yes. (respectful)

Sometimes, ho is substituted for po.

Opo. = Oho.

Salamat po. = Salamat ho. 

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At The Filipino Store

The native Tagalog word for “store” is pamilihan (“marketplace”), but most Filipinos these days use the Spanish-derived word tindahan to refer to most stores, and the merchandise is called paninda.

Filipino grocery store
Buying snacks at a grocery store in Cebu

Marami pala kayong paninda dito.
So you guys have a lot of merchandise here after all.

Anu-anong paninda ninyo?
What sort of stuff are you folks selling?

Anong oras magbubukas ang tindahan?
What time will the store open?

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Talking about Halloween

Gabi ng Pangangaluluwa
coined translation for “Halloween”

May Halloween ba sa Pilipinas?
Is there Halloween in the Philippines?

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Talk in Tagalog

to talk / to discuss
to have a conversation

Mag-usap tayo.
Let’s talk.

Pag-usapan natin ito.
Let’s talk about this.
Let’s discuss this.

a request

May pakiusap ako.
I have a request.

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Where Are You From?

Taga-saan siya?
Where is he/she from?

Taga-saan sila?
Where are they from?

Taga-saan ka?
Where are you from?
(to young people)

Taga-saan po kayo?
Where are you from?
(to old people)

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Talking about Names

The Tagalog word for ‘name’ is pangalan.

Ano ang pangalan mo?
What’s your name?

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Kissing in Tagalog

Halikan mo ako.
Kiss me.

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Listen to Me Speak Tagalog

The root word of ‘listen’ in kinig.

Makinig ka.
Listen (in general).
“Listen you!” “Pay attention.”

Nakikinig ka ba?
Are you listening?

listen (to someone or something)

Pakinggan mo ito.
Listen to this.

Pakinggan mo ako.
Listen to me.

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