Chichirya: Oishi Beer Match Potato Fries ++

Chichirya? Yes! Spelled tsitsirya in Tagalog orthography, with Filipino language variations such as chichiria, tsitsiriya and sitsirya, among others.

Tsitsirya are snacks that are munched or grazed on. They are thought of as junk food in the Philippines.

Examples of favorite Filipino tsitsirya: corn chips and cheese curls

Popular brands of tsitsirya from the Filipino company Universal Robina Corporation (URC):

Piattos hexagonal-shaped potato chips
V-Cut ridged potato chips
Chippy rectangular corn chips
Taquitos circular corn chips
 Mr. Chips triangular corn chips
Tostillas triangular corn chips, bigger than Mr. Chips
Roller Coaster looped potato snacks
 Spuds potato crisps
Chiz Curls cheese-flavored corn snacks
Sea Crunch seafood-flavored snacks
Choco Curls chocolate-flavored extruded corn snacks
Granny Goose Kornets cone-chaped corn snacks

Nutri Snack has Richee milk-flavored crunchy snacks fortified with calcium!

The snack company Liwayway Holdings has provided generations of Filipinos with Oishi Prawn Crackers, Kirei Yummy Flakes, and more recently Beer Match Potato Fries.

Popular Filipino Snacks
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The more regular and wholesome snack between meals is called meryenda. A snack that you pack to take to school or to the office or on a trip is called baon.