‘I Miss You’ in Tagalog

There is no colloquial Tagalog word for ‘miss’ so Filipinos use the English!

If you insist on saying “I miss you” in awkward-sounding Tagalog, visit the page on the word sabik.

Miss kita. Miss kita talaga.
I miss you. I miss you very much.

Miss na miss kita.
I miss you a lot.

Na-miss mo ba ako?
Did you miss me?

Siyempre, na-miss kita.
Of course, I missed you.

Gusto kitang makita.
I want to see you.

Miss ko ang iyong halik.
I miss your kiss.

Kailan tayo magkikita?
When will we see each other?

Hindi ako makapaghintay!
I can’t wait!

Miss ko siya talaga.
I really miss her / him.

Miss na miss ko siya. Miss ko si (Ana).
I really miss her / him a lot. I miss (Ana).

Miss ko (ang asawa ko). Miss ko ang misis ko.
I miss (my wife / husband). I miss my wife.