Top 20 Family Names in the Philippines

Do you know what the most popular last name is in the Philippines?

The Twenty Most Common Filipino Surnames

1. Santos
This is the last name of Filipina actress Vilma Santos, Filipino-American writer Bienvenido Santos, the young superstar Judy Ann Santos, the WWII hero Alejo Santos, and singer Erik Santos.  The name is the Spanish word for ‘saints.’

2. Reyes
The full name of Filipino actor Alden Richards is Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr. His mother’s name is Rosario Reyes. The word ‘reyes’ means ‘kings’ or ‘royals’ in Spanish.

3. Cruz
Among famous Filipinos bearing this surname is the actor/model John Lloyd Cruz. The word ‘cruz’ is Spanish for ‘cross’ and is spelled krus in Tagalog when referring to the cross, but not when written as a surname.

4. Bautista
Bautista is Spanish for ‘Baptist’ referring to San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist).

5. Ocampo
A widely recognized Philippine historian with this surname is Ambeth Ocampo.

6. García
The most notable bearer of this surname is Carlos P. Garcia, the eighth president of the Philippines. Eddie Garcia is a famous Filipino actor who has received awards for both his acting and directing.

7. Mendoza
The real name of Yaya Dub is Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza. She is more known simply as Maine Mendoza.

8. Torres
Lucy Torres is the actress-model married to actor Richard Gomez.

9. Tomás
Tessie Tomas was the host of the daily morning talk show Teysi ng Tahanan in the 1990s.

10. Andrada
Albert Andrada is the fashion designer whose dress was worn by Paris Hilton to the 2015 Grammy Awards.

11. Castillo

12. Flores

13.  Villanueva

14. Ramos

15. Castro

16. Rivera

17. Aquino

18. Navarro

19. Salazar

20. Mercado

Top 10 Spanish Surnames in the Philippines that Start with De, De la or Del

1. de la Cruz

2. de la Reyes

3. del Rosario

4. de los Santos

5. de Guzmán

6. de Castro

7. de la Vega

8. de la Rosa

9. de Asis

10. de Rosales

Most common surnames among Chinese-Filipinos:
Chan, Cheng, Chua, Co, Cue, Dee, Go, Ku, Lee, Tan, Tiu, Ting, Ty, Sy, Yap, Yee, Gokongwei, Uytengsu, and others that are three-word combinations that end in -co like Angangco, Chotangco, Chikiamco, Cojuangco, Dyquiangco, Dychingco, Limbaco, Limbitco, Limcaco, Limcangco, Limcauco, Limjoco, Limlengco, Limpingco, Litiatco, Litimco, Nibungco, Ongkingco, Onglatco, Onglengco, Ongpauco, Osongco, Simpauco, Syjuco, Sytengco, Tanjuatco, Tantiangco, Tantoco, Uyaco, Uyboco, Uycoco, Uytico, Wambangco, Yoingco, Yuchengco, Yujuico, Yusingco, Yutadco

Examples of Spanish and Spanish-derived surnames: Divinagracia, Ortiz

Examples of native Tagalog surnames: Dimaandal (cannot be shoved), Dimaanó (cannot have anything done to), Dimabuyû (cannot be provoked), Dimakulangan (to be not lacking), Dimaguiba (impenetrable), Dimasalang (untouchable), Dimatibág (cannot be harmed), Guinto (gold),  Macaraeg, Matapang (brave), Masipag (industrious), Lumaban (fought/battled), Pulumbarit

* The Filipino word for “surname” is apelyido.

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