Filipino Candy

Filipino Candy Bobot & Milmik

The Filipino word for “candy” is kendi, from the English, but this usually refers to Western-style hard, semi-hard, and soft candies.

Branded candies that can be considered vintage or classic Filipino: Bobot Candy-Coated Peanuts, Candyman Kendimint, Jack n Jill X.O. Coffee Candies, Viva Caramel, Nuts Caramel, Lipps Strawberry, Starr Eucalyptus Menthol (the candy formerly known as Storck), Orange Swits, Peter’s Butter Ball, Mikmik, King’s Chocnut, Hany, Ricoa’s Curly Tops, Ricoa’s Flat Tops, Stay Fresh, Maxx Honey-mansi Menthol Candy, Potchi Strawberry Cream Gummies, Nips Candy-Coated Chocolate

Tropical or Southeast Asian flavors used for Filipino candy: ube (purple yam), langka (jackfruit), mangga (mango), kundol (wintermelon)

Candied Kundol
Candied Kundol

Aside from sugar-glazed pili nuts, here are examples of local Philippine sweets and their notable ingredients in parentheses: Yema (egg yolks), Bukayo (coconut), Pakumbo (coconut), Sampalok (tamarind)

The native Tagalog word minatamis refers to “sweetened” fruits, such as bananas or jackfruit stewed in sugar syrup.

Filipino Candy
Peanut Kisses & Peanut Fingers: Filipino Candy from Bohol

A few regions of the country are known for their particular confectioneries. Foremost among these is Bohol province. As soon as you mention Bohol to a Filipino, the first thing that pops to mind are the Chocolate Hills geographical formation, and not far behind are Peanut Kisses and perhaps their slightly lesser cousins, the Peanut Fingers.

Durian Candy of Davao
Lola Abon’s Original Durian Candy

The great Davao area on the large island of Mindanao in southern Philippines is famous for the wide variety of fruits that are mostly found only there. Among these fruits is the odoriferous durian.

Lola Abon’s is a brand that has national recognition. Her family and company have been making durian candies since the year 1950.

Lola Abon's Durian Candy Bar
Lola Abon’s Durian Candy Bar, a Davao Specialty

Sweet food items that can sort of be considered Filipino candy: Pinasugbo (brown candied bananas with sesame seeds), Frozen Ice Candy, Buko Ice Drop, Dried Green Mango, Orange Mango Balls

Adonis Strawberry Chocolate
New brand of chocolate sweets: Adonis Strawberry Chocolate 24 pieces

Where to buy Filipino candy online?

You may be surprised to know that AMAZON frequently carries the favorite candies of the Philippines like Maxx, White Rabbit, Flat Tops, Curly Tops, Salted Tamarind (sampalok) and even ChocNut. These are sold mostly by third-party vendors in Amazon’s marketplace so the marked up prices can be overwhelmingly high.

Another suggestion is the Fil Am Store in Los Angeles. Though not yet formally launched, their shop already showcases the widest variety of Filipino candy online — and they do fulfill manual orders from time to time, if you make a request. Being in Southern California, they have access to the freshest stock that arrives from the Philippines, and their prices are fair.

Please indulge in sweets responsibly! 🙂