Bahay Kubo (Folk Song)

You didn’t have a Filipino childhood if you can’t sing the Bahay Kubo song! ^_^

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Despacito (Song in Tagalog)

Sooo many Despacito videos now featuring covers and parodies of the popular Spanish-language song. 🙂

This first one is a clean unplugged English/Tagalog version.

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Best Pancit (Song)

Just out in July 2017… Newest funny parody song of Despacito in the Tagalog language!

Best Pancit ‘To

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Filipino Folk Songs

Examples of popular Filipino folk songs in Tagalog:
Bahay Kubo, Sitsiritsit Alibangbang, Leron Leron Sinta, Paruparong Bukid, Magtanim ay Di Biro, Lulay, Aking Bituin


(Spanish-derived word)

awiting bayan
folk song

kantahing bayan
folk song

awiting Pilipino
Filipino song

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Leron Leron Sinta

Leron Leron Sinta is one of the most popular Tagalog folk songs in the Philippines. Every Filipino child knows how to sing it!

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Dandansoy (Visayan Song)

A popular Visayan folk song is Dandansoy. Note that this is not a Tagalog song. The Visayan language in which Dandansoy is most often sung is Hiligaynon Bisaya, also known as Ilonggo.

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Manang Biday (Ilocano Song)

Manang Biday is a famous Ilocano song.

Please note that Ilocano is a language that’s distinct from Tagalog. The song title refers to an “older sister” whose name is Biday.

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Magtanim ay Di Biro

“Planting is no joke” is a well-known Tagalog folk song in the Philippines!

As with most folk songs, there are many variations to the lyrics of Magtanim Ay Di Biro. 🙂

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