‘Will You Marry Me?’

The Tagalog word for ‘marry’ or ‘marriage’ is

Magpakasal tayo.
Let’s get married.

Pakasalan mo ako!
Marry me!

Gusto mo bang magpakasal?
Do you want to get married?
– the equivalent of “Will you marry me?”

Gusto kitang pakasalan.
I want to marry you.

Pakakasalan mo ba ako?
So will you marry me?

Gusto mo bang magpakasal tayo?
Do you want us to get married?

Sagutin mo ako.
Answer me.

Magpapakasal ba tayo?
Are we getting married?

Kailan mo gustong magpakasal?
When do you want to get married?

Saan tayo magpapakasal?
Where are we getting married?

Saan mo gustong magpakasal?
Where do you want to get married?

Gusto mo bang magpakasal (dito) sa Pilipinas?
Do you want to get married (here) in the Philippines?

Pakakasalan mo ba ako?
Are you going to marry me?

Pakakasalan kita.
I will marry you.

Kailan ang kasal natin?
When’s our wedding?

Kasal na ba tayo?
Are we married already?

Kailan tayo magpapakasal?
When are we getting married?