What is Crab ALIGUE?

Question: What exactly is the ALIGI (aligue, alige) that lines crab shells?


lizzledelacruz it’s the fat from the crabs!

donnamariaruth aligue is the crab’s roe

clickmomukhamo crab fat

BurntLumpia I believe it’s the actual fat of the crab. and it’s delicious!

rajenica I think its the fat as @BurntLumpia said or its the eggs. Aligue pasta is very good. Not good for the heart but delicious

gailT  i thought aligue are the eggs. i don’t like to eat those. I just like the meat, and the sabaw. 😀

LIMER35 Eaten w/ hot steamed rice – Fantastic!!! RT @BurntLumpia: I believe it’s the actual fat of the crab and it’s delicious!

tasteduds Do you mean the orange part? I’m pretty sure it’s roe. Delicious, fatty cholesterol goodness.

scianlindo I believe its the fat,=P

So is aligue the fat or the eggs of a crab?

The confusion must come from the phrase taba ng talangka,
where taba literally means fat.

There is a difference in the texture of the firm orange-red material lining the inside rim of the crab shell and the stuff that overflows from the triangular “apron” on the bottom of the crab.

“Crab butter” is the white-yellow fat inside the back of the shell of a large crab.

“She-crab soup” is a South Carolina specialty that uses crab roe.

The hepatopancreas of a lobster is called tomalley and is colored green.

A crab’s hepatopancreas is more yellowish and is called either tomalley or “mustard.”

In Japanese, crab tomalley is  “kani miso” (crab brain), aka crab guts or viscera.