The word walis means “sweep” and also refers to a broom that sweeps the floor or the ground.

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The walis tambo above is used for sweeping floors, while the walis tingting below is used for sweeping the bare ground in the yard.

Walis Tingting at Daspan

walis at daspan
broom and “dustpan”

pampaalis ng dumi; mga tingting na pinagsama-sama; tambo


to sweep

Walisin mo ang sahig.
Sweep the floor.

Winalis ko na ang sahig.
I’ve swept the floor.

to sweep

Nagwalis ako ng bahay kahapon.
I swept the house yesterday.

broom weed

Walis Tingting at Daspan

walis at daspan
broom and “dustpan”

broom made from the midribs of palm leaves;
usually used outdoors

soft broom, usually made of tiger grass;
usually used indoors

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