bumalik (sa tahanan)

return home

Unang araw ng Agosto ang uwî ko.
I return home on the first day of August.

something brought home

May uwî akong CD para sa iyo.
I brought home a CD for you.

returning home

Sasalubungin kita sa airport pag-uwi mo sa Pilipinas.
I’ll come out to welcome you at the airport when you return home to the Philippines.

to go home

Umuwi ka na.
Go home already.

to develop into, to happen as a result

Baka mauwi ito sa kamatayan.
This might result in death.

on the way home

Pauwi na ako.
I’m on my way home already.

Pauwi na ako nang nakuha ko ang teks mo.
I was already on the way home when I got your text message.

to send home

Pauwiin mo ang bata. Mukha talagang may sakit.
Send the child home. Looks really sick.

usual time to go home, dismissal time

Anong oras ang uwian ninyo?
What time do y’all get off? (school or work)

paguwi is a misspelling of pag-uwi.

non-standard spelling variation: uwe