Tinguian or Itneg of Abra Province

The Tinguian are a Philippine tribe in the mountain province of Abra in northwestern Luzon. Their settlement has extended as far as Ilocos Sur.  They are distinct from the Igorot tribe, who are their neighbors, although intermarriage between the two groups has become common. The Itneg are classified as a “pagan” tribe because they were not Christianized by the Spaniards unlike the Ilocano  people nearby.

 Photo of Itneg or Tinguian hunter using a blowgun

Outsiders call them Tinguian but they call themselves Itneg. The men are famous for their large, distinctive traditional hats and for their use of blowguns (made from bamboo and other plants) in hunting deer, pigs, birds  and wild carabao. They’ve also subsisted on chickens and fish.