Tikoy word origin: Filipino adaptation of the Hokkien Chinese words: ‘ti’ and ‘ke’ which mean sweet and cake.

Shin Shin Tikoy
Shin Shin Tikoy Box

Tikoy is the most popular treat during Lunar New Year festivities in the Philippines, as iconic as the Chinese New Year’s cake nian gao is in other countries. In fact, it is likely based on the nian gao of southern China from where Fukienese immigrants to the Philippines came.


Or… how is tikoy made?

Tikoy is made from sticky or glutinous rice which is ground into flour and then mixed with lard, water and sugar. Using white sugar produces white tikoy and using brown sugar produces brown tikoy.

Slices of Ube Tikoy
Slices of Ube Tikoy

The 1st Flavored Tikoy Ever?

According to the storied bakery Eng Bee Tin, it is their Chinese deli that first came up with “modern” tikoy in the Philippines… It was ube flavor!

Other flavors that have since come out include green pandan, purple ube, sweet corn, red beans, matcha green tea, and butterscotch!

Should I Buy Tikoy?

Even non-Chinese Filipinos buy tikoy in boxes during this time of year to give to business associates, although it is more common to receive them as gifts from your Chinese clients.

Holand Bakery Chinese New Year Tikoy Box
Holand Bakery’s Brown-Sugar Tikoy Box for Chinese New Year


Or… how to cook tikoy?

Store-bought tikoy is chilled in the refrigerator to make it easy to slice into small pieces. The tikoy slices are dipped in a bowl of beaten eggs and then fried in oil.

Tikoy Slices, Cooked
Tikoy Slices, Cooked

Tikoy is sweet and sticky enough to keep the Kitchen God’s mouth shut. Offering tikoy keeps him from saying anything bad about you!

Happy Chinese Year!

The Year of the Rooster commences on January 28, 2017.