Two primary meanings for the Tagalog word tayo.

inclusive we
“You and I”
“You and us”

Inclusive means the person being spoken to is included in the “we.”

Compare the with the exclusive ‘we’ word kami, in which the person being spoekn to is not included.

Tayo ay masaya.
We are happy.

Tayo ay magkaibigan.
We are friends.

Tayong dalawa.
We two.

Tayo na!
Let’s go!

Kumain tayo!
Let’s eat.

When pronounced with the stress on the second syllable, the word tayô means ‘to stand’ or ‘to build.’

Tayô na!
Stand up already!

Tumayo ka.
Stand up, you.

Tumayo tayo.
Let’s stand.

Tumayo ang balahibo ko.
My hair bristled. (I was scared.)

to have something built

Nagpatayo ako ng paaralan.
I had a school built.

Magpatayo ka ng simbahan.
Have a church built.

standing, vertical, perpendicular

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