hinampo, maktol; sama ng loob sa isang kaibigan

sulking, holding a grudge

to sulk

prone to sulking

tampurorot / tampururot
tampopot / tampoput
sulker (often a woman)

Sulking is not the exact equivalent of pagtatampo.

In Filipino culture, tampo is less frowned upon than sulking is in American culture. It is considered an acceptable expression of hurt feelings. Women are likely to be matampuhin.

When a usually affectionate woman all of a sudden turns cold and it’s because of something you did, then she has a right to magtampo. It’s like a form of anger that’s mild, but still has to be assuaged.

Nagtatampo ka ba?
Are you sulking?
Are you cold to me because of something I did?

May tampuhan ang mag-asawa.
Husband and Wife are giving each other the cold shoulder.
(They had a mild tiff, nothing serious.)

** Kapag nagtampo, suyuin. Huwag awayin. 
When she throws a fit, woo her. Don’t fight her.

Magtatampo ako sa iyo.
I’ll hold a grudge towards you.