Talk in Tagalog

to talk / to discuss
to have a conversation

Mag-usap tayo.
Let’s talk.

Pag-usapan natin ito.
Let’s talk about this.
Let’s discuss this.

a request

May pakiusap ako.
I have a request.

The Tagalog noun for ‘word’ is salita. As a verb, it means to say, to speak or to talk. Think of it as ‘utterance’ or ‘to utter.’

salita ng Diyos
word of God

Magsalita ka!
Say something!

Magsalita ka ng Tagalog.
Speak Tagalog.

Hindi ka puwedeng magsalita ng Ingles.
You can’t speak English. (You’re not allowed.)

Bakit ayaw mong magsalita?
Why don’t you want to speak?

Hindi siya nagsasalita.
He/She doesn’t talk.

Another Tagalog verb for ‘to say’ or ‘to tell’ is sabi.

Anong sinabi nila?
What did they say?

Sabihin mo sa kanila…
Tell them…

Magsabi ka ng totoo.
Tell the truth.

Anong ibig sabihin mo?
“What do want to say?”
= What do you mean?

Anong gustong mong sabihin?
What do you want to say?

Anong gustong mong sabihin sa kanila?
What do you want to say to them?

The Tagalog word for ‘story’ is kuwento.

May kuwento ako.
I’ve got a story. (I’ve got a tale to tell.)

Kuwentuhan mo ako.
Tell me a few stories. (Talk to me about something.)

Mag-kuwentuhan tayo.
Let’s share stories. (Let’s chit-chat.)

Anong ginawa ninyo kagabi? Nag-kuwentuhan lang?
What did you guys do last night? Just talked?