Tagalog Food Words from Chinese

These terms entered Tagalog from Hokkien-speaking Chinese immigrants.

dikyam = salted, preserved plum

bataw = climbing plant with edible pods

Filipino sotanghon noodle soup
Sotanghon noodle soup

ginging = shrub with sweet fleshy fruit

goto = ox or cow’s tripe

kamto = meat parts taken from the entrails of pigs or cows, used as ingredients in kare-kare

kasim = back portion of pig

kinse = foreshank of cow used in soup

kintsay = Chinese celery

kutsay = green leek used as food flavoring

liempo = hunk of pork belly (“stomach portion of pork”)

paykot = spare ribs

petsay = Chinese cabbage

sitaw = string beans

tito = pig’s tripe

toge = bean sprouts

ulikba = white-feathered or light-skinned fowl with dark meat

upo = gourd

utaw = soy bean

yansoy = coriander

am = rice broth

angkak = reddish leaves used in fermentation

batsoy = chopped and sauteed entrails of pig with soup

bihon = white rice noodles

biko = sweetened rice cake

bilu-bilo = kneaded rice flour balls used in ginataan

bitso = fried cake made of rice flour

heko = dark sauce from salted shrimps

hopiya = sweet mung-bean cake

humba = spicy dish of pork or chicken

keluwa = powdered mustard

hibe = dried, salted shrimps

kiyamlo = Chinese dish of eggs or noodles

langlang = used to describe a Chinese way of preparing way of noodles

lome = noodle dish with pork and chicken cooked in cream style

lumpiya = sliced vegetables and tofu stewed and then wrapped in dough wrappers

mami = noodle dish with pork and chicken cooked in soupy style

miki = a kind of noodle

miswa = fine noodles made from flour

padpo = dish of mixed vegetables and nuts with thick sauce

pansit = a noodle dish that’s “convenient food”

pesa = plain boiled fish

pihe = fresh, preserved or salted crabs, fish or shrimps

sangke = Chinese anise used as spice

siyoktong = rice wine

siomai = steamed dumpling

siopao = steamed rice cake with meat and condiments

sotanghon = small, white, crinkly beanthread noodles; opaque when raw, translucent when cooked

suam = sauteed fish or meat with garlic and ginger then brothed in rice water

taho = delicacy of soybean meal and syrup

tahuri = fermented salted soybean curd

tawpe = thin membrane made from beans; used for wrapping foods

tawsi = black beans in salty liquid

tiim = steamed dish

tikoy = sweeted rice cake

tokwa = hardened bean curd

totso = fish sauteed with tahuri

toyo = soy sauce

ukoy = flour cake of shrimps and vegetables


bilao = round, shallow winnowing basket-tray made of bamboo splits

bithay = flat sieve or sifter basket made of fine bamboo splits

lasong = cooking apparatus made of bamboo fixed in a tin ring used for steaming

pohiya = ladle made of gourd or wood

siyansi = frying spoon

kaliya = meshed crate or pannier for carrying vegetables and fruits

kapin = flat framework or trellis-like frame made of bamboo used for drying fish