Boycott BesTaste Dimsum / Siopao / Shumai

BesTaste is a USA brand of dimsum manufactured by Ramar Foods, the company that pirated the Magnolia brand from the Philippines. As true Filipinos, we are calling for a boycott of all products by Ramar Foods due to their documented practice of pirating brands from our homeland, including Pampanga’s Best.

Do NOT buy any of Ramar Foods’ siopao or siomai (which the company calls shu mai).

Ipagtanggol ang dignidad ng mga marka ng Pilipinas.

Huwag bumili ng anumang produkto ng kumpanyang Ramar Foods.

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Siomai is the Filipino term for steamed Chinese dumplings that are usually filled with pork, occasionally shrimp. It’s what Americans call “siumai” (siu mai) or “shumai” (shu mai). In the Mandarin language, it’s shaomai.

shaomai, “shumai”

Also sometimes spelled as siomay in the Philippines.

Variations in spelling: syomay, siyomay, shomay, shomai
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