The word suka has at least two different meanings that depend on pronunciation.

The first meaning is Chinese in origin. The stress is on the first syllable.

spew, vomit

to vomit

to spew out

revolting, nauseating

something to cause vomiting

Susuka yata ako.
I think I’m going to throw up.

Sinuka ko ang almusal ko.
I threw up my breakfat.

Nagsusuka ang aso.
The dog has been vomiting.

Nakakasuka ang ginawa mo.
What you did was revolting.

Pronounced with the short stress on the second syllable, the word sukà means vinegar.

maasim na sukà
sour vinegar

sukang maanghang
spicy vinegar

sukang puti
white vinegar

to add vinegar to

Sinamak is the spiced vinegar of Iloilo province. It’s been translated as “spiced vinegar” in English. To make this version of suka, chilies are soaked in the vinegar for weeks.

Among popular commerical brands of vinegar in the Philippines are Datu Puti, Silver Swan and Marca Piña.