This Filipino word is Chinese in origin.

with slanted eyes

Singkit si Nena.
Nena has chinky eyes.

Karamihan sa mga Tsinoy ay singkit ang mata.
Most Chinese Filipinos have slanted eyes.

This word in Tagalog doesn’t sound as politically incorrect as the translation would suggest to American¬†liberals. The word is simply a descriptor used by most Filipinos, although those who have studied overseas and imbibed Western cultural thinking may profess otherwise.

Even the English word “chinky” is used by Filipinos without any malice. Filipinos who go overseas and casually describe someone’s eyes as “chinky” are bewildered at afterwards being castigated and labeled racist by American liberals for their use of the word.

In the Philippines, girls and boys with singkit or “chinky” eyes have long been considered cute. Even the Indonesians and Malaysians have a fondness for those with so-called “Chinese” eyes.

Related Filipino words:

tsinita / chinita
a girl or young woman who has Northeast Asian, particularly Chinese, features
(fair skin, smaller eyes than native Filipinos)

pingkit: maliit ang mga mata?

Tagalog joke:

Pag singkit na maputi, chinito.
Pag singkit na maitim, prinito.