This word is from the Spanish seguro, meaning “certainly” or “definitely.”

In Filipino usage, a sigurista is someone who is careful to always make sure that everything goes according to plan. The keywords are “make sure.”

Sigurado ako.
I’m sure.

Ang kasalungat ng taong segurista ay taong mapusok.
The opposite of a prudent person is a rash person.
(Actually, the opposite of a sigurista is more like someone who is slapdash and doesn’t care much if things don’t go 100% as planned.)

Naniniguro ang sigurista na ang lahat ay wasto.
The prudent person makes sure that all is proper.

Sigurado ang sigurista na ang lahat ay tama.
The prudent person is sure that everything is right.

Maging sigurista!
Be the type of person who makes sure everything will happen 100% according to how we hope things will be.

Don’t act unless you’re 100% confident that the desired result will be obtained.

In the West, there’s a negative connotation when it comes to obsessive-compulsiveness. Many Americans mock perfectionists as having OCD.

Counterintuitively, in the Philippines, there is sort of an admiration for people who are sigurista because they bother to make sure things are right before they act, whereas most of us have a Bahala Na attitude towards life.