This word is from the Spanish sigue (meaning: follow).

to go ahead

Go ahead!

Okay… Bye.

Sige, tumalon ka pa.
Go ahead, jump some more.
(daring someone to do it)

Sige ka, kung hindi mo ako pakikinggan…
Go ahead, if you don’t listen to me…
(warning someone)

Sige na…
C’mon, do it…

Sige na nga.
Fine, I’ll do it.
(after being reluctant to do it)

Sige na nga, anumang sabihin mo.
Okay… whatever you say.

Sige, tulog na.
Go on, sleep already.

Sige na nga… matutulog na nga ako.
Fine… I’ll sleep already.

Spelling variations: cge, geh

A polite way of saying goodbye to someone older than you in Tagalog is to say:

Sige po… Paalam.