How to Be Polite in Tagalog

Maging Magalang = Be Polite

When talking to people older than you, the easiest way to make your sentences polite is to add po, usually at the end.

Salamat po.
Thank you.

Hindi po.

Ano po?

Ewan ko.
Ewan ko po.
I don’t know.

Here’s a special case to remember:


When your teacher says something you didn’t hear, don’t ask her Ano? — use Ano po? or Ano ho?

When speaking to a Filipino older than you, do NOT use the second-person singular form. You must use the second-person plural form.

Ilang taon ka na? (second-person singular)
Ilang taon na po kayo? (second-person plural)
How old are you?

Ilang taon ka na? (for people your age or younger)
Ilang taon na po kayo? (for people who are older)
How old are you?

Kamusta ka?
Kamusta po kayo?
How are you?

Taga-saan ka?
Taga-saan po kayo?
Where are you from?

Saan ka nakatira?
Saan po kayo nakatira?
Where do you live?

Mabuti ka ba?
Mabuti po ba kayo?
Are you fine?

Masaya ka ba?
Masaya po ba kayo?
Are you happy?

Pagod ka ba?
Pagod po ba kayo?
Are you tired?