This word is from the Spanish cepillo.

tooth brush

mga sepilyo

sepilyong malinis
= malinis na sepilyo
clean toothbrush

magsepilyo ng ngipin
to brush one’s teeth

Nagsepilyo ka na ba?
Have you brushed your teeth?

Magsepilyo ka muna.
Brush your teeth first.

Saan ako makakabili ng sepilyo?
Where can I buy a toothbrush?

Saan ako makakakuha ng sepilyo?
Where can I get a toothbrush?

Gumamit ka ng sepilyo.
Use a toothbrush.

An uncommon Tagalog word for ‘toothbrush’ is panghiso.

Filipinos say “tootpeys” for toothpaste. There’s no standard Tagalog translation for the English word.

A popular brand of toothpaste in the Philippines is Colgate. Sometimes, older Filipinos refer to toothpaste as “kolgeyt.”

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