Ramon Magsaysay

President Magsaysay in Barong Tagalog

A mechanic at one time, Ramon Magsaysay was arguably the most popular president in Philippine history. He was elected in 1953 but unfortunately died in a plane crash before the end of his term.

Magsaysay had been President Quirino’s defense secretary and was instrumental is suppressing the HUK rebellion. As president, he persuaded Congress to pass the Agricultural Tenancy Act (1954). It was during his term that the Retail Trade Nationalization Act was passed as well. He secured revisions in the Bell Trade Act and was the first president to revise the US Military Bases agreement to bring it more in line with Filipino interests.

Date of Birth: August 31, 1907. Birthplace: Iba, Zambales

Third President of the Third Republic of the Philippines

Elected President as a member of the Nacionalista Party

Date of Death: March 17, 1957 – plane crash

Our democracy will die… Kung wala si Magsaysay!
Mambo, Mambo Magsaysay, Mabu Mabu Mabuhay!