Filipino polvoron candy

Fondly known as “Filipino crack” to young FilAms, polvoron is a sweet molded treat whose basic ingredients are toasted flour, margarine or butter, sugar and powdered milk.

Polvoron now comes in various flavors, including cookies n cream, which you see below.  

The spelling pulburon follows traditional Tagalog orthography.

Polvoron: Cookies & Cream

Polvoron / Pulvoron / Pulboron / Pulburon

from the Spanish polvoron

Popular brands: Goldilocks, Red Ribbon, Crumblies, House of Polvoron (HOP), Chocovron / Choco Vron, Manila (Ube with Pinipig), Aling Conching, Sasmuan of Pampanga

Red Ribbon flavors: Classic, Pinipig, Peanut

Polvoron Mold

If you’re into making these goodies yourself, you many want to look into getting a nifty polvoron shaper from the Fil Am Store in Los Angeles.

We’ve seen polvoron molders in at least four different sizes/shapes — small oblong, small round, large oval, and large round. 🙂