Ube Flavor (McCormick’s Extract)


Ube is purple yam of the Philippines! To get this flavor into your bread and pastries, there's no easier way than using a few drops of McCormick's extract. 🙂

This 20-ml bottle is very small.

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What is ube?

It’s the so-called “purple yam” of the Philippines!

This colorful root crop is a popular flavor for breads, pastries, and of course ice cream!

Use this ube extract to flavor cakes, desserts, icings, candies, drinks, and all sorts of pastries — even pancakes!

Just add a few drops of McCormick’s extract to your batter or mix, and you should be good to go. 🙂

Word of caution: This very small bottle has a tendency to leak even with its plastic seal around the bottlecap intact. Just thought you’d like to know that because it can be a cause for chagrin. And the extract can sort of stain your hands. Smells really good though.


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