Golden Sweet Corn Snack


Regent's Golden Sweet Corn Snack

Shape and texture of puffed cheese balls, but the flavor of sweet corn 🙂

Made in the Philippines!

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To satisfy the munchies… Matamis na mais? Tastes like corn soup or corn cereal!

This is the Regent brand of Golden Sweet Corn snack. These snacks have the shape and texture of puffed cheese balls!

Each 60-gram pack contains two servings. (Sixty grams is like 2.12 ounces.) Each serving is 150 calories.

Ingredients include corn, vegetable oil, flavor, iodized salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate aka MSG, and artificial food color. Relatively high in saturated fat.

Storage: To protect freshness, keep away from direct sunlight.

Consume soon after opening! 🙂


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