Silver Swan Cane Vinegar


Silver Swan (brand)

This is cane vinegar, meaning it's made from sugarcanes and not coconut.

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* No-break plastic bottle.

Buy Pinoy! Product of the Philippines for Export.

Gawa po ito sa katas ng tubo, at hindi niyog.

Sukang Maasim = Vinegar That’s Sour
Maasim na Suka = Sour Vinegar

Reg. Phil. Pat. Off.
Intellectual Property Rights Reserved.
= This product is registered with the Philippine Patent Office.

4% Natural Acidity

Ingredients: Water and Cane Vinegar

Net contents: 1,000 milliliter (33.81 fluid ounces)

Manufactured by Silver Swan Manufacturing Company, Incorporated.
Address: 164 Panghulo Road, Malabon, Metro Manila


Zero calories. Zero fat.

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