Maxi Peel 2


Maxi-Peel #2 Exfoliant Solution… to speed up the peeling of old tanned or damaged skin.

The medium-strength solution of the MaxiPeel 1-2-3 series for treating acne.

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Maxi Peel 2 is manufactured by Splash Philippines. It is endorsed by the beautiful Spanish-Filipina model / actress Marian Rivera!

Maxi-Peel #2 Exfoliant Solution is the medium-strength solution in MaxiPeel’s 1-2-3 Skin Renewal System.

MaxiPeel #1 is milder. MaxiPeel #3 is the strongest.


After washing your face clean in the evening (and having it dry), pour out one two drops of Maxi Peel onto a cotton pad or cotton ball. Swipe lightly on your face. Avoid the eye area and the nose creases.

Apply only once a day — in the evening.

During the day, make sure to avoid the sun or apply a strong sunscreen because your skin will become extra sensitive to the sun. If your skin is exposed too much to the sun, you will become darker than before and your skin will become even more damaged.

Do not use more than two months at at time. It is ideal to let your skin rest from treatment.

Do not use all over your body at the same time. Try to limit use to your face… maybe neck, elbows and knees. But do NOT ever rub this all over your body.

Do not use if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.


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