Maxi Peel 1


The mildest solution of the MaxiPeel line for treating acne.

If you have only one to five pimples on one side of your face, this is the recommended solution to use.

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Maxi-Peel #1 Exfoliant Solution…

tretinoin hydroquinone 0.010 | 2% Solution

The mildest solution of the MaxiPeel line for depigmenting and for treating acne.

Hydroquinone is used to bleach or lighten dark patches of skin. The effect of hydroquinone is reversible with time and exposure to sun and therefore not permanent.

*** In certain people, hydroquinone may cause blue-black darkening of skin. This is NOT the normal effect of hydroquinone. Discontinue use and contact your doctor immediately if you notice darkening of skin upon use of hydroquinone. ***

It is best to do a patch test the first time you use any skincare product, but particularly exfoliant solutions that contain tretinoin and hydroquinone.

Place a drop of Maxi Peel on a cotton pad or cotton ball. Dab behind your ear and/or along your jawline, if you’re feeling braver. Do this in the evening. If your skin has no drastic reaction the next day, feel free to continue using it every night or every other night.


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