Filipino Melon String Maker


To get strings and balls of “melon” (cantaloupe), honeydew, watermelon, and even “buko” (young tender coconut).

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It is hot in the tropics! Filipinos love to refresh themselves with ice-cold drinks like melon juice, which is cantaloupe juice with real shreds of orange flesh mixed in.

How do you get those beautiful orange threads of milon from the inside of a cantaloupe? Using a spoon will yield odd flat pieces. That’s where a “melon grater” comes in!

The classic handheld tool widely used in the Philippines has a flowery end consisting of metal spools that are shaped round. There’s also a variant like you see in the photo where the other end is a scooper that can give you fruit balls! Most designs are sturdy enough that you can even use it on the inside of mature coconuts to produce coconut strings!


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