JBC Ding Dong Mixed Nuts


JBC Ding Dong Mixed Nuts 100g

Product of the Philippines.

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JBC Ding Dong Mixed Nuts 100 grams

Yes, Ding Dong… A fun medley of greaseless peanuts, corn bits, U.S.-grade green peas, corn chips and curls… it has everything you want in a snack pack!

“…contrasting flavors and textures that blend in happy harmony.”

JBC Ding Dong Mixed Nuts 100 grams

So next time your Filipino friends mention DingDong, you won’t snicker anymore because you’re so used to munching on this snack mix. 🙂

The Constitution of the Philippines states that the nation has two official languages -- these are called English and Filipino. Tagalog is the basis of the Filipino language.


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