Calamansi Powder (Juan’s Brand)


Highly rated brand of powdered calamansi, which is the round citrus fruit that's favored in the Philippines for juicing and as a dipping sauce… spritz on pancit noodles… use in BBQ marinade…

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Juan Calamansi Powder: Product of the Philippines

Tagline: No Squeeze! No Mess!

One box contains 48 sachets. Each sachet is about 2 grams.

Juan Products refers to Calamansi as “Philippine Lemon” though they’re very different. Lemons and Calamansi are both sour citrus fruits, but the latter is rounder, much smaller and easier to get juice from!

You slice the calamansi fruit in half and squeeze. Easy-peasy… Still it can be messy… And they don’t have real green calamansi in the United States… Quite a lot of USA-born Filipino American cooks and restaurateurs have been passing off small orange-colored abominations as Philippine calamansi… Perhaps they’re the same species but having grown in different climates, they’re not the same thing, and it’s really distressing for Philippine-born Filipinos to see bright orange fruits being called kalamansi.

Anyway… even in the Philippines… powdered calamansi is a timesaver. So buy and enjoy. 🙂

Gawa po ito sa Pilipinas. Tangkilin ang sariling atin.

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