Filipino Baby Names – I

Most Filipinos prefer Spanish and English names for their children. Tagalog names are considered old-fashioned.

A good name for a boy would be Isagani. It’s the name of a character in El Filibusterismo, one of the novels of Filipino national hero Jose Rizal. A nickname for it is Gani.

Ida F
Ignacio M
Ignatius M
Ike M
Iman M
Imelda F
Ina F
Indira F
Ines F
Inez F
Ingrid F
Inocencia F
Ira M/F
Irene F
Iria F
Irina F
Iris F
Irma F
Irving M
Irwin M
Isaac M
Isabel F
Isabella, Isabelle F
Isadora F
Isaiah M
Isandro M
Ishmael M
Isidro M
Isla F
Israel M
Issay M
Ivan M
Ivana F
Ivette F
Ivie F
Ivory M/F
Ivy F