Annual Festivals of the Philippines

Kadayawan Festival: August 2017

Listahan ng Mga Taunang Kapistahan sa Pilipinas

Filipino Celebrations: Feasts & Festivals
Filipino Celebrations: Feasts & Festivals


Ati-Atihan Festival in Kalibo, Aklan – January

Sinulog Festival of Cebu – third Sunday of January

Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo – January 20-22, 2017

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Kadayawan Festival of Davao

August 14-20, 2017

Davao City has been celebrating the Kadayawan Festival every third week of August since its beginning in 1988.

Called the “festival of all festivals,” it focuses on Davao’s cultures and arts, and acknowledges its indigenous people, as well as being a thanksgiving for the bounty of Davao’s harvest of agricultural products, especially fruits and flowers.

The festival’s name is from the friendly greeting “Madayaw” — the Dabawenyo word “dayaw” means good, valuable, superior or beautiful.

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Baragatan Festival

June 2017

The soft opening of Palawan’s Baragatan Festival will be on June 9th, the date on which trade fairs, the Garden Show, and the Photo & Art Exhibit will be opened to the public.

The festival’s grand opening will be on June 16 when the Baragatan Grand Parade will showcase various floats prepared by different communities, as well as the candidates for Mutya ng Palawan.

Fertility Dance Rite of Obando

Popularly known in the Philippines as Sayaw sa Obando (Dance in Obando).

It is part of a three-day festival in May that honors the three patrons of the town of Obando in Bulacan, located just 15 miles from Manila.

  •  May 17 is for San Pascual de Baylon (St. Paschal) , the patron saint of devout worshipers who are looking to marry and have baby boys
  • May 18 is for Santa Clara (Saint Claire), the patron saint of  the childless who want to have baby girls
  • May 19 is for Nuestra Senora de Salambao (Our Lady of Salambao), protector of people who work in fishing, the main source of livelihood in Obando

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Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon

The Philippines’ most colorful harvest festival on May 15, 2018

The Pahiyas Festival is a harvest fest celebrated every year on May 15 in Lucban, Quezon. It is in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers in the Philippines. Lucban is situated at the foot of Mount Banahaw.

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Moriones Festival of Marinduque

Moriones Festival 2017

April 14 is Good Friday with flagellantes (self-flogging by penitents).

April 15 is Black Saturday (Pugutan or Beheading of Longhinus – Senakulo).

April 16 is Easter Sunday with the Salubong and Easter Holy Mass.

The Moriones Festival is a folk-religious event held annually during Holy Week on the island of Marinduque, considered the geographical heart of the Philippines.

Moriones Festival Costumes
Moriones Festival Costumes
The word “Morion” refers to the visor of the helmet that is associated with the armor of Roman soliders.  The  word “Moriones” refers to the local inhabitants who dress up in costumes and masks of Roman soldiers during Biblical times. These costumed locals are farmers and fishermen who engage in the street theater as a form of penitence.

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Balagtasan Festival

Balagtasan is a poetic debate named after the pen name of Francisco “Balagtas” Baltazar, the acclaimed prince of Tagalog poets. The popular Tagalog epic “Florante at Laura” that is learned by every Filipino schoolchild is one of his iconic works. Continue reading “Balagtasan Festival”

MARDI GRAS in the Philippines?

Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday,” the day before Ash Wednesday of the Holy Week that ends on Easter Sunday. But in the Philippines “Mardi Gras” refers to a street carnival that’s celebrated during other times of the year, not during Lent.

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