Filipino Fish Sauce

Patis is a brown, watery sauce made from fermented fish. It is used to flavor soups and broths, as well as a sawsawan (dipping sauce) for meat in place of salt. It is very salty.

The Thai counterpart would be the famous nam pla fish sauce.

had patis added

Pinatisan mo na ba ‘to?
Have you added patis to this?

A trend in recent decades is to not just have it plain as a dipping sauce, but to spice it up with sili (chilies), and even kalamansi (citrus).

fish sauce & chilies
Patis + Sili

Widely favored Philippine brands of patis include Rufina (from Malabon), Rufico [sic], Datu Puti, Marca PiƱa, Royal Brands, and Tentay.

You can safely buy the Rufina brand (famous tagline: “Patis Na May Uri“) on Amazon. Because of the stylistic calligraphy on the label, particularly of the capital letter R, many non-Filipino merchants mistakenly list it as Pufina.

Patis Tesoro is the name of a famous Filipina fashion designer.