Ang pasalubong ay isang alaala o “souvenir” na ibinigay ng bagong dating na galing sa paglalakbay sa ibang pook o bansa.

root word: salubong (to welcome)

homecoming treat, souvenir

When Filipinos go on a trip or live overseas, they are expected to bring back gifts on their return.¬† That’s pasalubong!

It’s a big deal. If you don’t bring pasalubong to people who welcome you, they’ll think you never thought of them while you were away.

Peanut Kisses & Peanut Fingers
Pasalubong from Bohol: Peanut Kisses & Peanut Fingers

Pasalubungan mo sila ng tsokolate.
Get them chocolate and give it to them when you get there.

Pinasalubungan ko sila ng prutas.
I brought back fruit and gave it to them.

Papasalubungan ko kayo ng marami!
I’ll have a lot of gifts for you when I return.

Think of a pasalubong as a souvenir from your trip or your residence overseas, although food¬†from the place you’re coming from is usually what’s expected.

Misspelling: pasulubong, pasalubing, pasalubongs