stylistically spelled as pancit

Chinese-influenced noodles

The most popular varieties of pansit in the Philippines:

Pancit Bihon

pancit bihon
aka bijon aka bee hoon
thin rice noodles

pancit sotanghon
vermicelli made from bean starch
aka cellophane noodles

pancit miki
noodles from wheat and eggs

pancit canton
thick egg noodles

pansit palabok
topped with a sauce

Pansit Luglug

pancit luglug
like pancit palabok but with thicker noodles

pansit Malabon
thicker noodles than palabok,
sauce is already mixed in

Pancit Molo
actually a wonton soup

Gusto kong kumain ng pansit.
I want to eat pancit.

Etymology: 便食 (Chinese, which literally means “convenient food”)