mapanis: masira, mabilasa; malipasan ng lasa at mangamoy, karaniwang ginagamit sa pagkaing luto

rotten, spoiled (food)

Panis ba ‘to?
Is this spoiled?

Amoy panis.
Smells spoiled.

to become spoiled

Ilagay mo sa pridyeder. Baka mapanis.
Put it in the fridge. It might spoil.

Bakit mo kakainin kung panis?
Why would you eat it if it’s spoiled?

Huwag mong kainin kung panis.
Don’t eat it if it’s spoiled.

Baka panis na ‘yan. Huwag mong kainin.
It could be spoiled already.

Ang kasalungat ng panis ay sariwa.
The opposite of spoiled is fresh.

This is often used for food that has been cooked. For natural fruits that are spoiled, you’d use the word bulok. A general term for most things that spoil is sira.

panis ang laway
“saliva is spoiled”