root word: kaluluwa (meaning: soul, spirit)

Pangangaluluwa is a Filipino practice, now mostly seen only in the provinces, during which a group of people stop by different houses on the night of All Saints’ Day (November 1st), singing and asking for alms and prayers. The people represent the souls stuck in purgatory, asking for prayers from the living to help them get to heaven.

Many are now equating it to the Western tradition of Halloween, which is on October 31st.

Below is an example of Tagalog verses recited during pangangaluluwa:

Kaluluwa’y dumaratal
Sa tapat ng durungawan
Kampanilya’y tinatantang
Ginigising ang may buhay

Kung kami po’y lilimusan
Dali-daliin po lamang
Baka kami’y mapagsarhan
Ng Pinto ng Kalangitan.

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