Ano ang pamahiin?

Ang pamahiin ay paniniwala na hindi nakabatay sa katwiran o kaalaman. A superstition is a belief with no basis in reason or knowledge.

May pamahiin na nagsasabing ang mga sugat na natamo sa Mahal na Araw ay hindi kailanman gagaling. There is a superstition that says that a wound suffered during Good Friday will never ever heal.


mga pamahiin

mga pamahiing nakakatawa
funny superstitions

Mga Pamahiing Pilipino
Filipino Superstitions


Tying a handkerchief around your head wll prevent headaches.

Do not plant kamote or any other plants for that matter during a moonlit night — they will not bear fruit.

If you want a child to become intelligent when he grows old, cut his hair when he turns one year old and place the hair inside a book.

The Philippines is a very diverse country. Many superstitions are understandably very local to a place and may not have been heard in other regions.

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