lalo, higit, mas; muna, hanggang ngayon

pa, adv
more, still, even

This is another Tagalog word that is hard to translate exactly into English. A few examples may help in understanding how it’s used.

Hindi pa.
Not yet.

Ano pa?
What else?

Ano pa ba?
What else is there?

Meron pa?
There’s more?

Meron pa ba?
Is there more?

May gagawin ako.
I have something to do.

May gagawin pa ako.
I still have something to do.

Dagdagan mo pa.
Add more.

Maaga pa, madilim na.
Still early, dark already.

Mamaya pa.
Not until later.

Sa Enero pa.
Not until January.

Conjugated form of this word: pang

Ano pa ang meron?
Ano pang meron?

What else is there?