Boycott Orientex Lumpia

Orientex is a brand of Ramar Foods, the USA company that is unethically using the Magnolia logo that San Miguel had developed in the Philippines in the 1920s.

According to federal judge Richard Clifton who stated the assertion during court session, Ramar Foods started using the exact same Magnolia logo on their California-produced ice cream in the 1970s in order to capitalize on the goodwill that San Miguel had already developed and established with Filipinos.

In the 1990s, while San Miguel was distracted by corporate restructuring problems in the Philippines, Ramar registered the trade name for itself in the United States. Though legally defensible under the trademark laws of the USA, the appropriation of the Magnolia logo and name is clearly unethical and an affront to Filipino dignity.

Not content with securing the Magnolia trademark for ice cream in the United States, Ramar has gone so far as to sue San Miguel for using the word Magnolia on other products such as butter, margarine and cheese. The most recent case involving San Miguel and Ramar went through the courts in 2015.

As Philippine-born Filipinos, we encourage a boycott not only of Magnolia ice-cream being sold in the United States and Canada, but also of Orientex food items produced by Ramar Foods. These include their frozen lumpia (egg rolls). Among their other products is Manila Gold Frozen Calamansi.

Don’t give your money to companies who engage in unethical business practices. There are other Filipino American and Filipino Canadian companies who are hardworking, honest, and deserving of our patronage and support.

Learn the truth about Ramar Foods’ Magnolia Ice Cream in the USA. Watch the video below from the real Magnolia Ice Cream of the Philippines.

The Ramar Foods product you see in stores in Canada and the United States is NOT the Magnolia ice cream you knew growing up in the Philippines. Always check the label.