Misspelling: nuon

then, at that time

Noong Miyerkules
That Wednesday
= Last Wednesday

Walang mansanas noon sa Pilipinas.
There were no apples in the Philippines then.

Kapitbahay ko noon si Kobe.
Kobe was my neighbor at some time in the past.

noon ko nakita si Ana
that’s when I saw Ana

Nagulat akong noong nakita kita.
I was shocked when I saw you.

also informally spelled as nung

Natatandaan mo pa nung magkaklase tayo?
Do you still remember when we were classmates?

noon pa man
even when, even then

Noon pa man ay mahal ko na siya.
Even back then I already loved him/her.

The English word “noon” (twelve o’clock) is tanghali in Tagalog.