No Te Vayas de Zamboanga

There are countless songs in Spanish called “No Te Vayas” (Don’t Go). Even the Philippines has a ‘No Te Vayas’  song.

The people of Zamboanga on the island of Mindanao speak a language called Chavacano, which is a creole Spanish dialect. And one of their popular local songs is  “No Te Vayas de Zamboanga” by Juan Cuadrado, Sr.


No te vayas, no te vayas de Zamboanga
Que me puedes, que me puedes olvidar
No te vayas, no te vayas, ni me dejes
Que yo sin ti, no puedo estar

No llores, paloma mia
No llores que volvere

No llores que en cuando llegue
Paloma mia, te escribire

Con una pluma de ave
Y un pedazo de papel
Con la sangre de mis venas
Paloma mia, te escribire.


Don’t you go, don’t you go,  Zamboanga
Where you may forget
Don’t you, oh don’t you, for if you leave me
Without you I cannot stay

Don’t cry, my dear Dove
Don’t cry for I will return

Don’t cry for when I arrive
My Dove, I’ll write you

With the feather of a bird
And a piece of paper
With the blood of my veins
My Dove, I’ll write you.

Another popular Chabacano song is Princesita Zamboangueña by Agustin Atilano.