Buwig ng Niyog



bao ng niyog
coconut shell

Bunot of the Philippines

bunot ng niyog
coconut husk

gata ng niyog
coconut milk

langis ng niyog
coconut oil

puno ng niyog
coconut tree

The soft flesh of a coconut is called buko. The word niyog usually brings to mind the tougher, more mature flesh.

Kudkuran: Coconut Grater

When you need grated coconut, you grate niyog, not buko.

Buko is soft enough to be scooped off the flesh with a spoon, whereas you will need a heavy-duty grater to get the niyog off the coconut shell.

The gata (coconut milk) widely used in Philippine cooking is acquired by squeezing finely grated niyog.

Kayumanggi sa labas, Puti sa loob.
Brown on the outside, White on the inside.