National Costume of the Philippines

Barbie wearing a traditional “Maria Clara” dress

Traditonal Filipina Barbie

Filipino boy wearing barong tagalog and salakot
The official national costume of Filipino men is the barong tagalog.

The  upper garment of the boy in the picture is a barong. It is worn over a Chinese collarless shirt called camisa de Chino. The boy is also wearing the traditional wide-brimmed hat salakot, which is usually made of rattan or reeds.

Girl wearing baro at saya

The official national costume of Filipina women is the baro at saya (= baro’t saya). The baro is the top blouse. The saya is the skirt.

Filipino couple in national costume
They look like Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos! She was famous for wearing the terno with its butterfly sleeves.

Terno's Butterfly Sleeves