A very lively Christmas song composed by Ryan Cayabyab. The title Kumukuti-kutitap means “Sparkling.”

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Top 10 Filipino Christmas Songs in Tagalog


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Miss Kita Kung Christmas

This Tagalog Christmas song was made popular by Filipino singer Rico J. Puno. Download Lea Salonga’s MP3 track of this song for just 99 cents online.

The singer heard above is Susan Fuentes.

Lyrics by Fe M Ayala… Music by Hermie Uy.

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Pasko Sa Nayon (Christmas Song)

This is such a fun Tagalog Christmas song! 🙂

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Pasko Na Naman

Pasko Na Naman is one of the most popular Tagalog Christmas songs that every Filipino knows how to sing! The music is by Felipe Padilla de Leon, and the arrangement is by George Hernandez.

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Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit

Christmas Has Arrived… Every Filipino knows this holiday song!

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Sa Maybahay Ang Aming Bati

This is a very popular Christmas song in the Philippines and the top favorite when Filipinos go carolling. In fact, this song whose original title is Namamasko is all about going to someone’s house to ask for aguinaldo — a Christmas gift usually taken to mean money.

Namamasko is from the Tagalog word Pasko meaning Christmas. It’s sort of like house-visiting wassailing.

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Pasko Na, Sinta Ko

This is probably the most widely known romantic Christmas song in Tagalog. It was first popularized by the Filipino singer Gary Valenciano. The singer in this recording is Sarah Geronimo.


Pasko na, sinta ko
Hanap-hanap kita
Bakit nagtatampo‘t
Nilisan ako?

Kung mawawala ka
Sa piling ko, sinta
Paano ang Paskong
Inulila mo?

Sayang, sinta
Ang sinumpaan
At pagtitinginang tunay

Nais mo bang
Kalimutang ganap
Ang ating suyuan at galak?

Kung mawawala ka
Sa piling ko sinta
Paano ang Paskong
Alay ko sa ‘yo?


It’s Christmas now, love
I’ve been looking for you
Why’d you get mad and
Leave me?

If you’ll disappear
From my side, love
How will Christmas be
Now that you’ve left me alone?

What a waste, love
The vows
And real understanding

Do you want
To completely forget
Our wooing and joys?

If you’ll disappear
From my side, love
What’s going to happen to
the Christmas I dedicate to you?